Hello Lovely People

 Welcome Lovely People

I was shocked to meet people who actually didn’t know how to cook, not only teenagers but even in their 50’s besides from frying an egg or make a cup of tea. Come on! cooking isn’t rocket science, just get in the kitchen, duck and dive and enjoy the process, you just need a little bit of love and direction.

Once I asked a friend, so what did you cook last night, I mean do you know how to cook, he replied, ”yeah, I had a frozen pizza that I cooked in the microwave” when I asked another friend do you know how to cook? He said, ”Yeah of course, I know how to cook” well then show me what you’re gonna cook for lunch, he literally started taking out tins, jars , frozen meals from the freezer to prepare his so-called fresh tasty lunch…………Hey cans, and jars isn’t cooking, he even had ready-made frozen scrambled eggs in the freezer, I’m not making this up, I’m serious.

What made me start this humble site, is mostly when I cook for friends or family, I always get someone waking me in the middle of the night, asking me ”what did you put in this? or how you made this or that?” and asking for some tips, so instead of like sending them recipes or tips, I thought why not post it on the net, so I can share it with all you foodies out there.

It feels so rewarding when your guests are complementing your dishes and asking you questions about the food you prepared.”

Full of enthusiasm, this blog hopes to “convince a few people that, with fresh ingredients, a little imagination, anyone can cook great meals and enjoy it too!”

So Thanks for dropping by Cooking Thyme and your comments and feedback will be highly appreciated ! Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. See you around!

Keep it Simple!   



  1. Thank you for visiting my blog several times. I love your blog too. You have beautiful photos and nice recipes. I have bookmarked it. Wish you all the best!

    • Thanks Liz, I’ve just created a facebook page last month, so really appreciate it if you share the page among your lovely family and friends and get everyone excited about cooking simple, delicious, healthy meals at home 🙂

      Don’t forget, Sharing is caring

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