Posted by: Cooking Thyme | August 21, 2013

Halal Food Festival Toronto

Canada’s first Halal Food Festival was a celebration of halal food and the diversity of the city and of Canada as a country laden with culture.

Halal Food Fest showcases diverse, exotic taste of halal food.
Click here for more photos of the festival:



  1. I will be there in October. I wish there is some fun festival going on.

    • Cool, that would be great where about will you be visiting and for how long?
      we will be having on 25-27 Oct, I’m sure gonna be there

      • Toronto the beginning of October.

        • Hopefully there will be atleast an event or two for you to attend, I will be in Toronto, so just let know me in advance, so I would let you know whats happening in TO while you’re here

          • Thanks…I hope so too. I will be in from 10/3-10/8. I’m looking for a place to celebrate my anniversary too. Do you recommend any nice restaurant there?

          • Congrats, wish you all the best, so what type of restaurant you’re looking for! check this link for events in TO

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