I was born very young, and all I remember was my earliest memory of cooking, is when I made my first dish. I was around 6-7 yrs old, I wanted to create something new, so what’s easier than making fruit salad, so I gave it a little twist and made it with veggies, yes raw veggies, so imagine how would raw eggplant, potatoes, zucchini, etc, would taste like. I thought I was like Blumenthal trying and testing out new recipes. It was horrible, my dad tried it and said ‘Wow, it’s delicious’; he just didn’t want to break my heart, bless him.

Due to extensive travelling, I had the opportunity to try new local dishes and learn from local cooks from around the world, from Italy, Spain, Libya, China, Mid-East, Greece, Malta, Egypt, Tunisia and many more, I had the chance to experience different cultures and there local dishes, which inspired me more in cooking.

I had the honour to meet great chefs in person, such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, David Rocco, Massimo Capra, Nigella Lawson, Lynn Crawford, Mark McEwan, Jamie Kennedy and Bob Blumer and of course the greatest chef of them all, My Mum, God bless her.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog so that I can discover yours
    You have had quite an adventure with cooking! looking forward to following your journey

  2. welcome any time 🙂

  3. wow great experience ❤ ❤ am proud of you

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