Posted by: Cooking Thyme | May 20, 2013

Chef Anthony Bourdain Visits Libya for His New Show Parts Unknown

Libyan hip-hop, Italian restaurants, tribal allegiances and post-war uncertainty in Libya. Bourdain looks at the country through personal stories, food and anti-Gaddafi expats who returned to fight

Parts Unknown Libya S01E06


World-renowned chef, author and Emmy winning television personality Anthony Bourdain travels to the North African country that is still trying to find its footing after its dictator Gaddafi was toppled by an uprising in 2011

During his visit to Tripoli, Bourdain enjoys the aforementioned Libyan breakfast delicacy of ”sfinz” fried dough with egg, the dough itself is a bit similar to the Italian (sfinge or zeppole) but instead of rolled into balls, its spread flat and an egg is cracked on top while it fries, then he went on to try an Italian inspired pasta dish ”Macroona Mbakbaka” at a beach barbecue in Misuratah

He described his stay there as ”Frightening, confusing, inspiring and heart breaking and was so inspired by so many of the people I met and it’s the best work I’ve ever been a part of”


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