Posted by: Cooking Thyme | January 31, 2013

Chef Anthony Bourdain Tweets From Libya

Chef and television personality to host new series featuring cultures around the world ‘through the prism of dining traditions’

   @Bourdain: I adopt signature CNN look for #Libya                                  I adopt signature CNN look for #Libya pic

Chef Anthony Bourdain announced a few days ago that he will be travelling to a mysterious place and then he surprised everyone by tweeting from Tripoli, Libya.

Anthony Bourdain is in Tripoli, Libya right now, filming for his new CNN show “Parts Unknown” which is supposed to debut some time in spring this year. He is tweeting his journey through, with succinct trenchant commentary mixed with photos of the destruction Tripoli and Libya went through during fall of Gaddafi. He also visited Leptis Magna and Misurata.

Follow tony tweets at  , and you check out the short preview of "Parts Unknown," premiering in spring 2013 on CNN :

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