Posted by: Cooking Thyme | November 14, 2012

Dining in Pitch Black at The O.Noir

This is a photo of my dinner I had at O.Noir.

Pitch Black Darkness

O.Noir is a restaurant where you eat in complete darkness. It’s like that restaurant in the movie "When in Rome", except the waiters don’t have night-vision goggles; the waiters are actually blind, so people could experience the life of a blind person.

You order beforehand in the lobby which is lighted, I ordered, Grilled Octopus with olive oil and lime for the starter, then Marinated Shrimp with Herbs, served with Sundried Tomato Risotto and finished my dinner with Chocolate Cake with Rich Vanilla Ice Cream, (I dropped my spoon in the dark a few times, so there’s no better than eating with your hands, no one can see you anyway)

No flashlights, matches, mobiles, cigarette lighters or luminous watches are allowed in the dining room

All in all, it’s a great experience. It is odd at first – it feels like your eyes are closed when they’re not – but you kind of get used to it and have fun trying to figure out where everything is and not spill your drinks.

The cooks most definitely do NOT cook in the dark: P that would be a horrible safety hazard…Open-mouthed smile

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