Posted by: Cooking Thyme | July 1, 2012


During its long, arid summers, Andalucía cools itself down with chilled Gazpacho, a hearty and pungent soup that has gained fame throughout the world for its amazing thirst-quenching quality

Gazpacho is a tomato-based, vegetable soup traditionally served cold that is widely consumed in the Spanish cuisine, during the summer months, due to its refreshing qualities and cold serving temperature

Gazpacho (15)Serves 4

  Mix the diced tomatoes, peppers and cucumber with the crushed garlic and olive oil in the bowl of a food processor or blender. Squeeze out the bread, tear it roughly into chunks, and add to the mixture.

Blend until smooth, and then add the salt and vinegar to taste and stir well.Gazpacho (1)

Cover and refrigerate until well chilled.

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