Posted by: Cooking Thyme | December 4, 2011

Sabor Latino

Sabor Latino is a community cooking program that brings together Torontonians with a shared interest in the cultures and cuisines of Latin America. This event takes place twice a month at The Stop

sabor latino

   The aim of Sabor Latino is to reproduce a cultural environment that is customary in Latin American countries by bringing together people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to help prepare a delicious meal. The meal preparation and conversation takes place in Spanish.Unfortunately I was the only non-Spanish speaker at this event However; the community welcomes participants with all levels of proficiency in the Spanish language. The program is designed to help build food skills by encouraging participants to experiment with new recipes and ingredients.

Recipes provide participants with simple ways to contribute to a healthy diet. On the menu that day was:

  • Huevos con Caviar en Cebolleta Dulce
  • Arroz a La Valenciana (Valencia-Style Rice)
  • Torta de Zanahorias y Manzanas (Apple Carrot Cake)

Sabor Latino also places emphasis on Music, traditional dancing, and storytelling shared by members of the Latin community that contribute an added cultural dimension to the dinner.

Jamie Oliver visited The Stop’s Green Barn, a few days after I met him at The Art of Cooking and he was impressed with the little kids culinary skills.

Sabor Latino provides a warm, inclusive space where participants can learn, grow and connect with food and each other.

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