Posted by: Cooking Thyme | November 15, 2011

Jamie Oliver Cooking Up Some Books

Jamie Oliver is visiting again, so going to see him tomorrow, however before I do so, let me post a few of last years photos, (I know its late)

Jamie Oliver was all smiles as he arrived in Toronto to sign copies of his new book, Jamie’s America. No surprise Jamie is in a good mood.  It was reported that sales of his latest cookbook reached an all time high for the genre in Europe

JO (2) 
 Does the poor lad get any time at home with Jools, Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom Rainbow and Buddy? One day he’s here, the other day in the states or down under, earlier that day I was at the Hudson Bay where Gordon Ramsay was promoting his new cookware, when he bashed Jamie and said ‘I’m a real chef and Jamie is just a cook and has gained a few extra pounds recently’. In addition two days earlier Nigella Lawson was here as well.

Making his long awaited return to Toronto, Hundreds jammed into Indigo ManulifeJamie Oliver Centre on November 15th 2010 to greet Jamie and after a few days I got to meet up with him at The Art of Cooking, where he performed an incredible evening of learning, fun and entertainment, as he explored the world of food, health and nutrition in this one night only event.  

Host, Bob Blumer (The Food Network’s Glutton for Punishment) was quite boring and tried to entertain the audience. He had a competition with a little kid from the audience where he cooked from scratch fresh pasta while she opened and heated a can of spaghetti.

Jamie Oliver cooked up a few dishes in front of his 3,000 of his favourite fans. The Naked Chef was in Toronto,  promoting his new book and program “Jamie’s America.” Unfortunately, I didn’t find this book interesting apart from a handful of recipes.  IMG_2378

Jamie was always at ease on stage and completely engaging, even though I noticed he was so exhausted from travelling and the book signing a few days earlier, he took it in his stride and with classic self-deprecating British humour, which many Canadians didn’t understand. He went on saying that he had to lie to his wife about her talents as a cook. All the while, he prepared a Ceviche style dish and steak with peanut butter sauce.

He taught the audience members how to season their steaks with rosemary, to give it that extra flavour (shamefully many didn’t even know what rosemary was) and how to add colour, flavour and seasoning to dishes by adding fresh herbs or simple ingredients like red and yellow peppers, red chillies or coriander. jamie oliver-2

Jamie’s Food Revolution and sincere belief in the importance of family eating and top nutrition habits being built and taught from childhood was a recurring theme throughout the evening. Jamie’s passion for showing us how easily and cheaply everyone can eat healthily was infectious and well appreciated by everyone.

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