Posted by: Cooking Thyme | July 31, 2011

The Artful Cupcake

We all love cupcakes? These made in the occasion of all the trouble that’s going on in Libya, Where people are trapped in their own minds, when they see and hear things and can’t even tell anyone because they will be imprisoned just for criticising the government.

Cupcakes always put a smile on anyone’s face.

Ly Cupcakes (43)

  Who doesn’t love cupcakes ! cupcake decorating is not so much about the cake, delicious as it is, but about the creativity that is within us to make each time the fairy cake special.

I truly come alive when I talk about desserts, unfortunately I don’t make much nowadays, as some are time consuming and you need to be precise with the measurements, however the dessert dish is one I go out of my way with to make it look breathtaking. A beautiful dessert can rival the best art. As an artist I love drawing and spend hours playing around with designs, so having owned a pastry shop, you’d always find me in the back kitchen decorating or experimenting with new recipes, I had an artist’s toolbox for cakes- I used to paint, shape and mould the sugar to create my own signature cakes; it was more like a fun food studio.

It’s the same way that a good starter sets the standard for a great meal, so a superb dessert represents the highlight of the day – it’s the high spot on which your friends leave you with happy, glowing memories.

All my desserts you find here, are simple recipes that you can personalise, but without the fussy stuff. You will find some nice and easy basic recipes, which can be the platform for your own inspiration, I will post this recipe shortly.

Ly Cupcakes (30)

Ly Cupcakes (34)

Ly Cupcakes (1)

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