Posted by: Cooking Thyme | February 16, 2011

Slimy Pea Soup

Slimy Pea Soup (14)

This is quick and easy to make and it tastes fantastic, the peas go really creamy and the spring onions go silky and sweet. These are just two simple flavours, and even though I’m a bit of a fresh herbs boy, this lovely light soup is very tasty.

  • 4 cups frozen peas
  • 1 spring onion
  • 1 ball mozzarella
  • vegetable stock

Cook the peas and spring onion in boiling water with the stock until the peas are tender and cooked through. Drain the veggies then put into a blender, add the mozzarella in the blender and give it a good whizz until smooth.

Be careful, as the soup is still hot, so I suggest leaving it to cool down for a few minutes.

If you are using a blender, fill it no more than halfway and release one corner of the cover, as this prevents the vacuum effect that creates heat explosions and place a towel over the top of the blender, I don’t want you getting burnt.

Pour into your bowls and serve,  Enjoy.

Slimy Pea Soup (11)

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