Posted by: Cooking Thyme | January 20, 2011

Gelato con Olio e Sale

This recipe has always intrigued me ever since I tried it at Augusta Perusia, in via Pinturicchio, Perugia. This Gelateria was literally 30 seconds from Arco Etrusco and my flat, which made it the perfect location.

I can’t explain what it is like – you’ll just have to try it yourself

Gelato Con Olio E Sale (1)

Ice Cream with Olive Oil and Sea Salt

  • vanilla ice cream
  • olive oil, good quality extra virgin
  • sea salt

Put a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream in to a bowl. Drizzle over some good extra virgin olive oil, and then sprinkle with a tiny pinch of sea salt. And Bob’s your uncle.

I cannot really put into words what it tastes like but I have to say itGelato Con Olio E Sale is not as bad as it sounds! after all it is an awkward combination.

You cannot really taste the olive oil as oil but more like something, that cuts the sweetness of the ice cream.

Then the salt just brings it altogether. yes it’s not something that you will have every day, just once every now and then. Its just bloody marvelous!

Augusta Perusia

Augusta Perusia has its own laboratory which is situated only a few meters away. In the laboratory you can grab the authentic chocolate flavour from a precise selection of raw material. The laboratory rises into a five-hundred antique cloister next to the shop. The chocolate masters create their own brilliant recipes with the real Italian passion to offer a unique and rare authentic taste. Their passion brings them everyday to experiment and offer new flavours and shapes.
The production is exclusively hand made without the use of herbs and essences. The colour and the aroma are only the result of a natural procedure. The chocolates are of high quality and all hand made with nuts, almonds, pine nuts, pistachio, etc

Gelati - Augusta Perusia

This artisan chocolate shop offers many unique products such as Pralineria, Cioccocartoline, Dolcezze Perugine, Creme, Tavolette Classiche and even Pasta al cacao.

tagliatelle al cacao

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